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Mike Crane

I'm not sure I buy the arguement that we should be charging for streaming as a member benefit. Maybe I'm being a crusty old public broadcaster, but I don't think so:

Consider the case of Times Select, nytimes.com's pay-to-read Thomas Friedman (et al) service. Are they making NET revenue on it? See this article:


And what would we have to do to deal with all the unnegotiated rights that we'd have to secure (among other daunting tasks)?

We know we can get people to pay 250 bucks for an Andre Rieu concert ticket and a membership. But requiring a membership before someone can download our video?

Sure, let's try it, if we can get the resources to experiment. But I'd also want to see us offering video (and audio, of course) for micropayments, a la ITunes, as well as other schemes. I liked what I heard about how even the big players don't know what will "take" and so are experimenting on many fronts.


Barry Parr

My mantra is "focus". Everyone should know what kind of organization they are and plan their strategy accordingly.

Public broadcasters are membership organizations first and foremost, and their web strategies should be in support of that focus.

Teri Lamitie

I see there being an opportunity for essentially what would be a digital premium: download the video/audio instead of choosing the dvd/cd.

We are membership organizations, but that shouldn't preclude us from offering content (web-only content?) as part of a premium package.

Although I do think that requiring membership for an interrupted stream is difficult because we've been offering it for free for years. People will ante up a membership for it (we saw this with the test we performed at 'GBH a few years ago) but we're likely to see an attrition that will simply reduce our reach. And we can't underestimate the value of the extended reach we have with streaming media.

I'm more inclined to test other engagement opportunities for cultivation and "asks" from the streams, and put newly created content behind a membership gate, like in OMN.

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